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Population:  24,631 (2000 U. S. Census) Annual Climate: Clear and sunny 216 days, partly cloudy 84 days, cloudy/rainy 65 days. Annual rainfall is 4.7 inches.
Location: Southeast corner of Nye County, 63 miles northwest of Las Vegas and bordering California on the west. Schools: One High School, One Middle School, and four  Elementary Schools with over 3,750 students enrolled. 
County Seat: Tonopah, 166 miles northwest of Pahrump, with a County government  and Justice Complex. County Commissioners usually hold one of their two monthly meetings in Pahrump. Housing: Over 10,000 single and multi-family units currently under development and/or construction.
Government: Pahrump is an unincorporated town governed by a 5 member elected Town Board and an appointed Town Manager and staff. Airport: Calvada Meadows, a private runway 15/33, 4000'x30' paved, Lighted, Unicom 122.8 (Prior Permission 775-751-3127, Fuel NOT available)
Area: Over 350 square miles. The valley is approximately 31 miles long and 8-12 miles wide.  Medical Facilities: Various medical offices. Permanently based Mercy Air-Ambulance for transport to major facilities in Las Vegas. 
Business: Over 1,500 licensed businesses from the smallest to national retail chains with more coming everyday. Transportation: Connected to Las Vegas by a new 4 lane highway. Interstate 15, 52 miles. Bus service to Las Vegas local bus system and a local Taxi Service.
Water: Although Pahrump does not receive much rainfall, it does sit above a large aquifer. Time Zone: Pacific Time Zone, Daylight Savings time observed
Elevation: 2,695 feet above sea level, considered high desert. Area Code: (775) Prefixes: 727, 751, 537, 764, 513 & 209

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